John Laing Related Grants

Community Schemes

The Trust consider applications put forward by John Laing to benefit the communities where the Company operates subject to organisations and charitable purpose satisfying the Trustees’ criteria and strategic priorities. See awarded grants in the year.

Employee Schemes

As well as the major grants made to our partner charities, John Laing staff are also given opportunity to make charitable donations to charities they are personally involved with.

Our two main schemes are :

• Make a Difference Scheme is where a donation of up to £1,000.00 (or in equivalent local currency if requested by employees outside of the UK) to a charity where the staff member or one of their immediate family is directly involved and regular volunteer.

• Matched Fundraising Scheme is where the Trust matches the fund raised by staff or member of their immediate family for a qualifying charitable cause up to £1,500.00 (or in equivalent local currency for John Laing staff based outside of the UK).

One application can be made any time during the year. Each application will be reviewed on its own merit and must satisfy Trustees’ criteria. The Trust does not support charities whose main aim is animal welfare.

John Laing Retirement Clubs around the country also participate in these schemes and the funds they raise in raffles and club events for charities throughout the year are matched by the Trust.

Club members are also individually offered the opportunity to request a Make a Difference donation.  This has proved very popular and requests have come in from retired staff for a whole range of charities including, gardening clubs, choirs and many others.

Our Strategic Priorities