What We Fund


Trustees “shall have special regard to the relief of poverty of employees or their dependants by the provision of gratuities or allowances… and in particular for those employees or their dependants who are in special need of financial assistance on account of any illness, old age or from other causes.”

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Charitable Giving

The Trust has concentrated its grant-making activities in support of charities tackling issues in the following main themes:

  • Community
  • Young People
  • Skills and Education
  • Homelessness

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Community Foundations

The Trust have engaged a number of Community Foundations to help administer small grants on behalf of the Trust.

The Company also set up ‘named funds’ in four community foundations. These are endowed funds which provide on-going support to local charities.

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Recent Grant Awards

We aim to be transparent about our grant-making and are delighted to share a list of our major grants the Trust made in the financial year ending 31st December 2022.

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Our Strategic Priorities