Charitable Giving


Our strategic aim is:

To support and learn from organisations that provide holistic solutions for homeless individuals and to promote innovative models for long term accommodation.

We wish to achieve the following long lasting impact

  • Create a safe living environment with the provision of adequate facilities and services
  • Continue to work with organisations providing short term relief to homelessness
  • Create a place based model and approach to issues arising from homelessness in the community, such as social investment

We support work that help solve the problems of 

  • Lack of safe accommodation (temporary or permanent)
  • Lack of education and rehabilitation to deal with root causes
  • Lack of access to training and pathways to work  – to achieve independent living
  • The cycle of homelessness

We will work with

  • Organisations providing relief and long term solutions for the homeless
  • Agencies including those who run Day / Drop-in  Centres and have Trained professionals
  • Identify social investors in the field of homelessness
  • Local authorities and community foundations

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Our Strategic Priorities